Raceday.me - now available for android

Raceday.me for android

I launched raceday.me early last year. A personalized live tracking app for running events. It was well-received within the running community and has easily become my most successful side project. However, there was one request that has haunted me since then...

Where is the android app?

Like most iPhone users, I had exactly zero experience with the android ecosystem. And starting to design a product with no idea how this product is expected to look and feel is not an easy task. So, it took me some time - and a second phone - to finally start this project.

After 10 months of spare time development, I'm proud to finally release raceday.me for android today!

I did a complete redesign of the existing iOS app with the same key features in mind. Accuracy and long battery life were again my main requirements during development. Targeting a wide range of devices - starting with android version 5 - ensures to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Thanks to all the beta testers.

I will not end this post without a special thanks to all the beta testers. The feedback and commitment of you just blew me away!

22 athletes have recorded 57 activities within 130 hours of running. 6 Android versions on 20 different devices from 9 manufacturers could be tested.

Please help this project!

Raceday.me is basically my expensive hobby. It costs more money than it generates and A LOT of spare time. If you like this and want to help to keep this project alive and free for everyone, please consider a donation.

written on 10/8/2020 in raceday

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