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Personalized race day live tracking for runners

screenshot of the website that shows a demo of a marathon live tracking is my biggest side project so far. It’s the world’s first personalized race day live tracking that considers your very own time goal and calculates progression and predictions while you’re running and lets your friend watch your progress. It uses your phone and is independet from the organizers tracking so it works on any race. logo

Automating workflows for enterprises

screenshot of the explorer

In January 2023 I joined the team as the lead frontend engineer. is a small startup that helps enterprises automate and scale their internal workflows with a cloud agnostic application. I am responsible for developing and maintaining the user interface for both the open source and enterprise versions of the product. logo

The daily driver for every Amazon Seller

screenshot of the sales dashboard is a toolset that supports Amazon Seller on a day-to-day basis with all its minor and major challenges. I’ve been part of a very small development team that bootstraped the platform until it was acquired by AMZSCALE in 2022. I was the lead frontend developer with a strong focus on scaling the platform. logo

A calculator for runners

screenshot of the website that shows a pace calculator

I like running and analyzing data but I was never satisfied with the state of running calculators out there. So I decided to build my own modern and slightly overengineered swiss army knife for runners. is a very minimal and powerful web app all about various calculation scenarios in the field of running. Go and read the full release article for a deep dive into all the little details.

Linnr Logo

LINNR - it’s not snake!

Linnr Artwork by Christian Wischnewski

Linnr is a tribute game I made with Christian Wischnewski. We both were so eager to participate in a game jam, that we started this as an experiment to see how far we can go as game dev newbies. In January 2020 we submitted it to the Finally Finish Something 2020 jam and ranked place 56 of 293 - we even made place 18 in the visuals category (thanks to christian). I bet you can’t beat the highscore!

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Pixel MacBook sticker

screenshot of the stickerlicious online shop for macbook stickers

Stickerlicious was a small online shop for pixel style MacBook stickers. The minimalistic stickers are designed to cover the apple logo and change the light to a completely new - and mostly pretty nerdy - shape. It just got started out of curiosity and ended up in a pretty nice project with loads of kind feedback. I shut down this shop early 2019 because of the lack of glowing apples on macbooks but all the desings have always been available as open source at GitHub.

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Finding flights. Simple.

screenshot of the skycheck flight search website was the startup I’ve been working at since the last couple of years. I had the great chance to join the development team in the early days and be a part of a growing and exciting project. Skycheck aims to provide the easiest way to find the best flights out there in the cluttered internet and also acts as a flight search technology provider for large travel websites. It shut down in 2018 but I will still list it here since it shaped me as a developer and deserves to be mentioned.