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The only running calculator you will ever need

What pace do you need for a sub 4 hours marathon? What would your 10 km time be like when you manage to keep up the 4:15 pace from last weeks tempo training? How many kilometers does a 100 mile ultra marathon exactly have?

As a passionate runner you may have asked yourself one of these questions before. With I want to give you a simple tool to help you answer all of them.

Why runverter?

There are a lot of tools out there that calculate and convert running metrics back and forth. Some of them are pretty barebones, some of them are very complex. Some of them are easy to understand but hard to use, some are the other way around. And most of them look ugly.

A design overview of old running calculators versus the new runverter

There is such a big potential to get the most out of it. I wanted something good looking. Something easy to understand but yet as smart and feature rich as possible.

The Toolbelt

These are the current and upcoming tools of

Pace Calculator

See which pace you need to finish a run in your desired time.

Pace Converter

Convert all major speed metrics.

Length Converter

Convert all major length metrics.

Race Predictor

Get a time goal suggestion based on a recent personal best.

Split Time Calculator

Determine the split times for your upcoming race.

Features - running the extra mile

There are a lot of obvious features you will easily discover by yourself but some of them you might only come across as a power user. Here is a quick overview to make sure you don't miss the good stuff.

Smart suggestions

A screen recording showing how the input fields have small arrows next to them for quickly select predefined values

You can quickly populate distance fields with one of the suggested race events. Even time suggestions are available and depend on your selected race distance.

Keyboard controls

A screen recording showing the keyboard shortcuts in action

Use the up and down keys on input fields to increase or decrease the current value by 1. Combine it with the ctrl key to change the step size to 10.

Expert mode

Displays the difference between normal and expert mode, where in expert mode most of the input labels are hidden

Enable this mode if you consider yourself an expert. It will hide all labels and descriptions to go for a very minimal appearance.

Detailed decimal place

Shows how hovering over numeric input field reveals more decimal places as a tooltip

All values are rounded to two decimals. Hovering over it will reveal more precision.

Cross tool input fields

Shows how changing the tool, will preserve the numeric input values

Every tool is using your most recent data, e.g. if you're using the pace calculator to calculate your marathon pace and switch to the pace converter your recently calculated marathon pace is already prefilled.

Offline support

Shows an animated workflow on how to add runverter to your homescreen on the iPhone

Runverter is always there for you, even if the internet is gone. It offers full offline support which is perfect for raceday when you want to recheck your pace and the mobile network is overloaded. It remembers you and your data, no account needed. Everything is stored on your device. Just add it to your homescreen and treat it like an app.

Any Feedback?

What do you think about it? Tell me your thoughts, ideas and feature requests on twitter.

written on 12/18/2016 in runverter

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