Website update

Screenshot of my old and new website

Like most developer websites, this is my playground. I keep it up to date with my best practices, try new things, and overengineer the hell out of it. So most of this update was for me to learn stuff. Here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to:

Visible changes

  • I bought a while ago and quite like it for how short it is. I use it as my main domain now, and redirect
  • At the very top right is now a button to toggle dark mode. It uses your system setting as the default.
  • The projects page now lists my current job and I added a small skill section to the about page.
  • The main menu was changed to be much simpler in design and easier to read.
  • I changed the way the content of this website is generated and I was to lazy to migrate the RSS part. So the RSS feed is gone. Sorry!
  • I also silently added a new blog article that I never finished and backdated to when it was "new".

Technical changes:

  • I like TypeScript and I migrate all my projects to it whenever I have the opportunity. So all TypeScript in this project now.
  • I switch to Contentlayer to generate the blog section from mdx files. My previous approach was very similar but not type safe.
  • Radix Primitives and Radix Colors have been added for better accessibility and consistent color schemes across light- and darkmode.
  • I switch from Sass to Stitches. This required me to rewrite the whole layout, but I really wanted to get rid of Sass and try out Stitches.
  • Upgraded Next.js from v8.1.0 to v12.2.3

written on 8/26/2022 in general

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